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What we’re looking for


Probably Good is a new and growing organization. We’re looking for people who are passionate about helping others achieve a significant positive impact, and want to join as one of our first core team members.




We believe that forming an inclusive workplace and a diverse team is not only the right thing to do, but also helps us do better work. The nature of our mission requires us to consider multiple perspectives, which is only possible by making Probably Good an inclusive and welcoming place to work.

To that end, we do our best to:

  • Minimize unnecessary job requirements which would deter capable people from applying. 

  • Work with candidates to try and accommodate different needs to allow everyone to do their best work and thrive with us.

  • Encourage people with diverse backgrounds to apply. To that end, even if you think that you might not be ‘good enough’ but you’re excited about our mission and want to contribute - please apply and give us a chance to get to know you and how you can help. 


General information about our hiring

  • All of our roles are fully remote, and we welcome candidates from all geographies.

  • Many of our roles are flexible and we would consider hiring candidates at either a part-time or full-time capacity

  • In most cases, our hiring process includes a several months paid trial period, which we expect to make permanent if the role fits your expectations and you perform well.

  • Qualities that we appreciate across all of our roles are clarity in communication, a deep familiarity with Effective Altruism, and working well in a team.

  • If you’re interested in applying to any of these roles, check out the Opportunities section below.


Probably Good Opportunities

After receiving more than a hundred applications for our first open positions, applications for paid positions are now closed. It seems plausible that we'll open up new paid job opportunities sometime between a few months from now to a year, so feel free to check up with us again at a later date.

If you're excited about working at Probably Good and would like us to know about you, you can still send us your CV and details to However, we would likely only be able to follow up with concrete opportunities at a later date.

Volunteering With Us


If you’d like to contribute to Probably Good with lower commitment, we’re also looking for volunteers across most of the roles described above. You can also check out our description of volunteer tasks for copywriting and research tasks for more details. Volunteering with us is also a great way for us to get to know each other, if you’re considering applying for a job in the future.

To apply to volunteer with us, please fill out this form

NOTE: We are currently focused on hiring and onboarding new full-time positions, and so may take longer than usual to get back to volunteers. Thank you for your understanding!