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Career Consultation

Image by LinkedIn Sales Solutions

We’re currently building up our capacity to offer 1-on-1 career consultations. You can sign up to join the waitlist by filling out this short form. You can also check out these opportunities for personalized career guidance from other impact-focused organizations:


  • 80,000 Hours is another great resource for impact-centered career guidance. They offer one-on-one career guidance sessions with people who take seriously the idea of promoting welfare over the long term. Read more about their application process.


  • For those who plan on or are interested in pursuing a career in animal welfare, the organization Animal Advocacy Careers provides great guidance and cohort-based online courses.


  • If you’re thinking about potentially starting an organization or are interested in learning more about entrepreneurship, Charity Entrepreneurship offers 1-on-1 guidance sessions.



  • Magnify Mentoring is a nonprofit organization that supports and connects people who want to make an impact with their career. Originally aimed at women, non-binary, and trans people, they are now expanding their mentorship program and services to help more people. Read more about their opportunities or fill out their interest form.


  • Training For Good is an impact-focused training organization that offers professional coaching sessions to people who want to apply Effective Altruism principles to make an impact with their career.

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