About Us

Probably Good is a nonprofit dedicated to helping people maximize the positive impact of their career. A lot of people want to do good with their career and have a meaningful impact but still need help to figure out the best path for them. We use evidence, analysis and expert opinion to help you find a career that works for you, and the rest of the world. 

Founded in 2020, our current focus is on creating content that will be useful for a large number of readers, and collecting feedback to prioritize future work. We are currently in our early alpha stage: We are learning and improving our content. This means you can expect many changes in the near future and should look at all of our advice with a skeptical eye (even more so than you should for all advice).


Probably Good is part of the broader Effective Altruism community.

Our Principles

Probably Good is dedicated to helping you help others. Our core principles are:

  • Optimizing for Impact: We strive to use our limited time and resources to achieve as much impact as we can.

  • Worldview Diversification: We aim to provide information and advice that can be easily adapted according to your own values, priorities and views.


Our team


Omer Nevo

Co-founder & CEO

Formerly the co-founder and CEO of Neowize, a YC-backed startup, which was acquired by Il Makiage, where Omer currently acts as VP of Research & Development. He is also a co-founder of Effective Altruism Israel.


Sella Nevo

Co-founder & Head of Research

The head of Google’s Flood Forecasting Initiative. He also teaches Applied Ethics at Tel Aviv University, is a Venture Partner at the Firstime VC advising on impact-driven investments, and is the founder of Effective Altruism Israel.

Advisory Board

Julia head.jpg

Julia Wise

Julia serves as a contact person for the effective altruism community and helps local and online groups support their members. She serves on the board of GiveWell and writes about effective altruism at Giving Gladly. She was president of Giving What We Can from 2017-2020. Before joining CEA, Julia was a social worker, and studied sociology at Bryn Mawr College.


Michelle Hutchinson

Michelle holds a PhD in Philosophy from the University of Oxford, where her thesis was on global priorities research. While completing that, she did the operational set-up of the Centre for Effective Altruism and then became Executive Director of Giving What We Can. She is currently the Assistant Director of One-on-One at 80,000 Hours.


Joey Savoie

Joey is the co-founder of Charity Entrepreneurship - a research and training program that incubates high-impact charities. Previously, Joey co-founded Charity Science, a meta-organization that increased the amount of counterfactual funding going to high impact charities, and Charity Science Health, a nonprofit that increases vaccination rates in India using mobile phones and behavioural nudges.